"Building and maintaining a successful program of research to improve the quality of health care"

Application Process for T32 Fellows in Outcomes and Effectiveness Research and Health Services Research

The 3 primary steps for applying to a T32 Fellowship are:

  1. Provide a letter of Interest (LOI) with CV
  2. -  Include a brief discussion of your interest (outcomes and effectiveness or health services
       research) and any relevant background or training.
    -  Include a brief discussion of your goals for research career development, including    coursework or degree program, if relevant.
    -  Review the list of proposed short-term rotations and propose up to 2 that are of interest to    you. If none of the rotations are compatible with your career goals, state why.
    -  Include your proposed mentors from our faculty COERE members that you would like the    opportunity to work with. If you have already identified a mentor, discuss.
  3. Letter of Recommendation
  4. -  Provide 2-3 letters of recommendation, ideally from faculty you have worked with directly on    research or training activities. For M.D. clinicians currently in residency or subspecialty    training, one of these letter should be from your program director.
  5. Interviews
  6. -  Applicants will be interviewed by 2-3 members of the selection committee. A formal rating and    ranking process will guide the committee in selecting applicants based on their potential for    success as an independent investigator and potential for success in the program.

Application Process for the VA Quality Scholars Fellowship